Interior design tricks

Everyone has a mental picture of what we would love our homes to look and feel like. We all  dream of a perfect home ; spacious, luxurious, beautiful but the major obstacle to that is space and money but we are not going to let that stop us from having a gorgeous home.

I am going to share some visual tricks that can make your space/ home look bigger and have a more luxurious feel.

1, Lets start with the colours of your walls. light bounces off well on light colours creating an illusion of more light and more space. Dark colours will make a small space look smaller but light colours mostly neutrals like white, off white, beige, light greys give the illusion of  a bigger space

2, High curtains; having your curtains from the ceiling to the floor give an illusion of high walls which gives off a really grandeur effect. Shorts curtains gives a stumped look to walls,high curtains makes it so much better.

3, Low furniture; invest in low cozy furniture like your sofa and coffee tables etc. When the eye travels on   it,there is more space between the ceiling and the height of the furniture making the walls look more elongated/ longer.

4, Less is more; Fight the urge to decorate your home with all that you have, yes I get it we have sentimental value to most things we own. But the minimalist approach is the best especially when furnishing a relatively small space. Use pieces that represent your sense of style and donate the rest to charity, you see its a win win.

5, Continuous flooring; Don’t be tempted to use 2 or more flooring solutions in your home if the main objective is to make it look bigger. For example, putting an area rug on a tiled floor, it kind of demarcates the room making it compartmentalised and smaller. But sticking to one type of floor makes the space look longer than it really is.

6, Smart storage; Your TV wall can double as a book shelf, your sofa as a daybed/ extra bed. The underside of your bed as a drawer making room for more space.

7, Use your walls more, that way free up more floor space.

8, Go vertical; whatever it is you are hanging or placing on the way, do it in a vertical way, It creates an elongated and longer look and feel.

I hope you got a useful tip, hopefully this happens weekly. Have a great time.

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