What We Do

— Colour consulting

— Window treatments

— Interior Revamping

— Space planning

— Furniture

— Decor and accent pieces sale.

— Luxurious beddings brand

— Sourcing and procurement

At Glam up designs, we assist our clients: home-owners, commercial companies, hoteliers to achieve both style and functionality in their spaces. Our clients are involved all the way from the drawing board through to completion of the project.

We offer the colour consulting service as this is the bedrock of most design options, we help choose choose colours that are well suited for personalities as well as purpose of the space.

Furniture ranging from sofa, coffee tables, dining tables and chairs are designed and crafted by our highly skilled furniture makers.

We believe at Glam up designs that windows are the eyes into the soul of a space so we take our window treatments very seriously, from the functional Venetian blinds to the lush fabrics of taffeta, organza and everything in between, we dress up your windows in style suitable for royalty.

Budget is key so we believe in revamping. We turn your old furniture into new pieces, we change the outlook of your apartment or business spaces with minimal cost effect to spaces that will wow you and also help you manage the available space to be well suited for it’s functionality.

We also offer procurement services for our clients and help in sourcing and delivery of house hold items from different stores in Nigeria and also internationally.

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